C-R Policy Brief on IDP Attitudes to Conflict, Return, Justice

In March, Conciliation Resources (C-R) has published a report on IDP attitudes to conflict, return and justice, which we have already highlighted in a previous blog-post. As you may recall, this report was based on a survey of IDPs which CRRC undertook for C-R in the summer of 2010.
Now, C-R has published a policy brief on the same issue.

This is a short crisp summary of some of the main findings, also with C-R’s policy recommendations.

C-R highlights five main suggestions:
  1. focus on IDP’s welfare and integration;
  2. giving the displaced a voice;
  3. facilitating information exchange and a broad public discussion on return;
  4. utilizing IDPs as a resource for peace, bridging between different groups;
  5. responding to the demand for justice.
If you are interested in the raw data, this is also accessible from C-R’s website. For now, find the link to the highly readable report here.

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