Public Seminar: Stalin as Revolutionary: 1905 and the Formation of a Professional Revolutionary

CRRC will be hosting a public seminar “Stalin as Rovlutionary: 1905 and the Formation of a Professional Revolutionary” by Ronald Suny. 
International School of Economics of Tbilisi (ISET)/CRRC GeorgiaZandukeli St. 16, downstairs Conference HallTuesday, June 12, 2012 – 18:00 – 19:00
For the last quarter century Ronald Suny has been working on the history of Georgia and a biography of the young Stalin. In this talk he shows how Stalin’s participation in the revolutionary events in 1905-1907 in Georgia were formative in his personal and political experience. The young Koba who emerged from these turbulent years had become a hardened revolutionary, a man prepared to use violence and terror to achieve the goals of Marxism. In this talk personality combines with circumstances to produce a mature political figure about to embark on a larger career that will lead him to Baku, St. Petersburg, exile, the first socialist government, and ultimately absolute power over the USSR.