Liberal attitudes and religion. The moderating effects of a communist past: A new article in the International Journal of Sociology by CRRC Georgia’s policy analysts

Giorgi Babunashvili, a Senior Policy Analyst at CRRC Georgia, and Anano Kipiania, a Policy Analyst, have just published a new article in the International Journal of Sociology on liberal attitudes, attitudes towards LGBT people, and religion as relates the communist past.

Free copies are available here for the first 50 people who click the link.

From the article: “Political and societal attitudes are significantly shaped by historical experience. As part of the special issue on the ISSP religion module, we discuss in this brief research note how religiosity effects whether people have liberal attitudes and how this varies across pre-dominantly Christian countries with and without communist pasts. The data show that overall, in post-Communist countries, religiosity has a weaker effect on liberal attitudes toward homosexual relations. At the same time, the overall level of tolerance concerning sexual minorities is lower, and there is a less variance in attitudes among the societies of former communist countries.”