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Works-in-Progress on Georgian fighters in Syria and Iraq

On November 9, 2016, CRRC, ARISC and American Councils are pleased to announce the 7th talk of the Fall 2016 WiP series by Bennett Clifford on "Georgian foreign fighter deaths in Syria and Iraq: What can they tell us about overall recruitment trends?"...

Works-in-Progress: Information War and Social Media

On September 21, 2016, 18:30, CRRC, ARISC and American Councils are pleased to announce the second talk of the Fall 2016 WiP series, on "Information War and Social Media" by Svitlana Matviyenko, University of Western Ontario....

Junior Fellowship Program (JFP) 2017 announced!

CRRC-Georgia announces Junior Fellowship Program (JFP) 2017.Are you a research-minded university graduate who wants to gain an important skill set that is absent in Georgia?  Do you want to work hard and open the door to international opportunities? If so, then this is for you!...

On October 12 and 17, 2015, CRRC-Georgia and National Democratic Institute presented the results of a new poll. The results reflect data collected from August 8 to September 10, 2015.

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Social Science in the Caucasus


Developing the “culture of polling” in Georgia (Part 1): Survey criticism in Georgia

Intense public debate usually accompanies the publication of survey findings in Georgia, especially when the findings are about politics. The discussions are often extremely critical or even call for the rejection of the results. Normally criticism of surveys would focus on the shortcomings of the research process and help guide researchers towards better practices to make surveys a better tool to understand society. In Georgia most of the current criticism of surveys is, unfortunately, counterproductive and mainly driven by an unwillingness to accept the findings, because the critics do not like them.