Coming Together and Growing Apart: A Decade of Transformation in the South Caucasus, June 26-27, 2020

On June 26-27, 2020, CRRC is organizing the Sixth CRRC Methods Conference, this time virtually. 

The two-day virtual conference seeks to answer if broad political, economic, and social changes across the South Caucasus have braught the three nations of the South Caucasus together or drawn them apart.

Five thematic panels and two roundtable sessions will unpack questions posed in this year’s conference theme. The Sixth CRRC Methods Conference will feature two keynote speeches, from Professor John O’Loughlin (University of Colorado Boulder) and Professor Julie A. George (The Graduate Center, City University of New York). Furthermore, CRRC offices will celebrate the release of another wave of the Caucasus Barometer survey.



CRRC-Georgia’s action in response to the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia

Due to the risk of spreading COVID-19, CRRC-Georgia is temporarily stopping all face-to-face data collection until the situation surrounding the virus is under control.  This decision was made given CRRC-Georgia’s responsibility to its staff members, interviewers, and the wider public.

The 6th Annual CRRC Conference | June 26-27, Tbilisi, Georgia

Call for proposals: The 6th Annual CRRC Conference "Coming together and growing apart: A decade of transformation in the South Caucasus"

Place and date: June 26-27, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) seek proposals for the 6th Annual CRRC Conference, and welcomes proposals for (a) thematic panels and (b) methodological seminars. For our thematic panels, we invite panel and paper proposals investigating the deep sociopolitical, cultural, and economic changes occurring in the South Caucasus through a comparative, empirical lens. We welcome quality scholarly contributions from emerging and established academics exploring the following broad themes: Conflicts, displacement, and reconciliation; Culture, values, and identity; Economic development, energy, and mobility; Politics, power, and democracy; Urban development and environmental issues; Civil society and activism.


Parental labor migration and educational attainment in Kyrgyzstan: An analysis of the data from the National Assessment of Educational Achievement

CRRC, ARISC and American Councils are proud to present the 16th and final session of the 2020 Spring/Summer Series of the Tbilisi Works-in-Progress series, now celebrating its 10th year!

Given the continuing COVID19 situation, we will once again hold the Works-in-Progress session virtually. Please RSVP to for a link to the event.

On Wednesday, 22nd of July, 18:30 Tbilisi time, Dr. Todd Durmmond will present "Parental labor migration and educational attainment in Kyrgyzstan: An analysis of the data from the National Assessment of Educational Achievement"