Call for proposals: The 6th CRRC Methodological Conference – How Evidence-based Urban Policy Can Make Cities Inclusive, Just, and Livable

Call for Abstracts and Workshop Proposals

The 6th CRRC Methodological Conference: How Evidence-based Urban Policy Can Make Cities Inclusive, Just, and Livable

Tbilisi, June 22, 2018

The aim of the “6th CRRC Methodological Conference: How Evidence-based Urban Policy Can Make Cities Inclusive, Just, and Livable” is to discuss the role of empirical research in urban policies to make cities more inclusive, just, and liveable. Often urban policies fail because the authorities and the policy makers equally neglect empirical evidences. Indeed evidence-based urban policy may not and should not be considered as the single solution to acute problems contemporary cities face. However, integrating empirics into policy creation  and implementation process could arm decision-makers with better tools of understanding societal, technological, and political challenges materializing in contemporary cities.

The conference will bring together local and international researchers to discuss innovative practices in empirical research and their application to the empirical study of urban issues. We invite papers that discuss various aspects of urban studies. Preference will be given to potential presenters who apply innovative approaches to studying urban issues empirically. Presenters are expected to highlight the application of quantitative and/or qualitative methods to the study of the policy making process in urban spaces, analysis of policy outcomes, or assessment of the impact of a particular policy. To achieve high quality discussion and feedback for presenters, a limited number of papers will be accepted.

Workshops: Parallel workshops will be organized during the conference which will discuss innovative methods for policy-oriented applied social science research. CRRC welcomes proposals for workshops concerning experimental and quasi-experimental research design, dealing with missing data, data visualization, and other relevant research methods and tools.

Language of the conference – English.



  • Title of paper;

  • Three to five keywords;

  • Main author’s name, title, affiliation, address, telephone, and email address;

  • Co-authors’ names and affiliations, if applicable.

To submit an application for a workshop, please send your CV and a tentative outline of the workshop to: by March 18, 2018.

Important dates:

Submission of abstracts and workshop proposals – April 2, 2018

Notification of pre-acceptance – April 16, 2018

Submission of full papers and workshop presentations – May 18, 2018

Notification of final acceptance – June 1, 2018

Financial Support: CRRC will provide up to three nights of lodging for the participants not based in Tbilisi, and lunch and dinner at the conference venue to all participants. Ground transportation  will be provided for all participants from Armenia and Azerbaijan. The cost of airfare for participants from Armenia and Azerbaijan will not be covered. Please note that CRRC offers a limited number of scholarships covering travel and accommodation expenses to support postgraduate students and early career researchers from outside the South Caucasus, who need financial support in order to present at the conference. Scholarships will be granted based on the quality of submitted papers and available budget. Meanwhile, CRRC encourages international scholars to search for travel grants from other sources. CRRC will cover transportation and accommodation costs of workshop leaders who are not based in Tbilisi.