Zinc Network Released Results of the Public Opinion Survey Conducted by CRRC-Georgia

CRRC-Georgia together with Zinc Network presented public opinion survey results. According to it, Georgia’s support to the EU membership remains high. In January, 2023, over 72% supported EU candidacy, however, pro-EU demonstrations in March further boosted the support to the EU membership up to- 81%. Better economic conditions remain as the main motivating factors to join the EU. In addition, according to survey, people think Russia, Georgian economy, political polarization and democratic backsliding are the key obstacles preventing Georgia from getting the EU candidate status. 43% of respondents believe that GD is not doing enough to fulfil EU requirements. Out of EU’s 12 recommendations, decreasing polarization is the top priority according to the public. When it comes to recommendation on de-oligarchisation, most think EU implied Ivanishvili.

Interestingly, NATO support has seen a decline over the last year from 59% to 53%, while 31% believe that Russia-Ukraine war was provoked by the West. In addition, 26% of population thinks Ukraine could have avoided the war. Georgians are most concerned about Russian invasion of Ukraine and economic situation of Georgia. 39% of respondents think that Ukraine will win the war Against Russia.

The survey was commissioned by Zinc Network as a framework of the USAID Information Integrity Program and carried out by CRRC-Georgia. CRRC-Georgia conducted 2,757 face-to-face interviews throughout Georgia (excluding occupied territories) in January 2023 and average margin of error: +-2.4%. In March, CRRC-Georgia also conducted an additional smaller-scale survey with 1,048 telephone interviews (CATI) with margin of error +-2.6%.