WiP: “Why Me?” – First Findings of the MYPLACE Project in Georgia

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) and American Councils present the 10th talk of the Fall 2011 Works-in-Progress Series:
“Why Me?” – First Findings of the MYPLACE Project in Georgia

Tinatin Zurabishvili and Tamuna Khoshtaria (CRRC)

This presentation will address the findings of the first phase of fieldwork in the MYPLACE (Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement) Project.
is a four-year international project employing a combination of survey, interview and ethnographic research to provide new, pan-European data that not only will measure levels of civil participation of the young people (aged 16 to 25), but also capture the meanings young people attach to it. 
Dr. Tinatin Zurabishvili
 has been coordinating the CRRC Caucasus Barometer survey since 2007 and the MYPLACE project since 2011. Since 1999 she has taught BA and MA courses in sociology, focusing on research methods, at Telavi State University and at the Center for Social Sciences of Tbilisi State University, where she was a Civic Education Project (CEP) Local Faculty Fellow (2001-2003) and Academic Fellowship Program Returning Scholar (2005-2006). Since 2010, she has been teaching at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA). Prior to teaching in Georgia, between 1999 and 2001 Dr. Zurabishvili served as a junior researcher for Yale University’s Poverty, Ethnicity and Gender in Eastern Europe during Market Transition project. Dr. Zurabishvili also worked for five years as a sociologist at the Russian Center for Public Opinion and Market Research (now the Levada Center), where she worked on the Russian Public Opinion Monitor.

Tamuna Khoshtaria is a research associate at CRRC. She holds a BA and MA in Social Sciences from Tbilisi State University. During her MA study she was awarded a scholarship to study at Humboldt University in Berlin, where she spent a year conducting qualitative research in family sociology.
W-i-P is an ongoing academic discussion series based in Tbilisi, Georgia, that takes place every Wednesday at the International School of Economics (ISET) building (16 Zandukeli Street). It is co-organized by CRRC, ARISC and the American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS.The purpose of the W-i-P series is to provide support and productive criticism to those researching and developing academic  projects pertaining the Caucasus region.
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