CRRC-Georgia is a non-governmental, non-profit research organization, which collects, analyzes and publishes policy relevant data on social, economic and political trends in Georgia. CRRC-Georgia, together with CRRC-Armenia and CRRC-Azerbaijan, constitutes a network of research centers with the common goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus. The three centers were established in 2003 by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) with financial support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In 2013, CRRC-Georgia and CRRC-Armenia were registered as independent non-commercial legal entities.

CRRC has 10 years of experience providing researchers, the government, donors, NGOs and the private sector with data and analysis of critical trends and expectations in Georgia and across the region. CRRC provides research, analysis and training using tested methodologies, which allow accurate comparisons between sectors, populations and countries.

CRRC's public databases give everyone the opportunity to understand and evaluate the social and political trends in both Georgia and the entire South Caucasus. To analyze these databases easily, please use CRRC-Georgia’s Online Data Analysis tool.

Omnibus Survey

Omnibus surveys combine questions from different organizations and researchers into a single survey. This enables data collection at significantly reduced costs compared with commissioning an entire survey. CRRC Georgia offers a quarterly omnibus survey.

CRRC's Omnibus has an achieved sample size of 1000 respondents, is conducted face to face, and is nationally representative. Demographic cross tabulations are provided for each question, including age, sex, education level, employment status, and settlement type (Capital, other urban, rural).  

Prices for different question types are provided below:


Close-ended questions with set response options USD
Close-ended question (up to 7 answer options) 300
Additional options to close-ended questions 15
What's the most important national issue?
Other, specify___________________________
Repeated scale based questions
First statement 300
Inclusion of each additional statement 50
Can you please tell me whether you approve or disapprove of people of your ethnicity doing business with...
An American?
A Russian?
An Armenian?
An Azerbaijani?
Open-ended questions
Including comment coding 750
Including up to 4 images (logos, branding, etc.) in addition to a close-ended question 35
Inclusion of each additional image 20
Inclusion of video or sound 50
Randomized experiment
With up to two experimental arms 650
Inclusion of each additional experimental arm 200
Standard deliverables
Dataset with purchased variables + gender, age, settlement, income, employment status, education
Excel file with frequency distributions + crosstabs with gender, age, and settlement


Have questions? Email David Sichinava ( and Makhare Atchaidze ( for more detailed information about the Omnibus survey.