Online Data Analysis (ODA)


CRRC-Georgia has developed the Online Data Analysis tool (ODA) to ease access to its rich empirical data about the South Caucasus. The tool was designed primarily for those who are not familiar with statistical software and lack sophisticated data analysis skills. ODA has a user-friendly interface where one can easily create charts, display frequency tables and cross-tabulations, and analyze cross-country and time-series survey data. Additionally, the results can be copied into spreadsheet programs for further analysis or visualization. 

At the moment, there are six waves of the Caucasus Barometer survey uploaded to the ODA. We will be regularly adding new CRRC datasets to the system. 

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Data Download

Those who wish to perform advanced analysis using statistical data analysis software, can refer to the page and download any data that CRRC made public. Datasets are available in STATA and/or SPSS. Comprehensive documentation (questionnaires, show cards, fieldwork reports, etc.) is also available. 




Please use the following citation when citing data from the Caucasus Barometer:

Caucasus Research Resource Centers. (dataset year) "Caucasus Barometer". [dataset] Retrieved from on {date of accessing the database here}.

CRRC requests those who cite CRRC data to notify us by completing this form.