TTF Organizational Development Support

Open Society Institute

The aim of the project is to expand the organization’s impact on policy debates in Georgia, while building on existing strengths in research and methodology. The organization plans to develop expertise in policy impact evaluation, while building on existing writing capacity to consolidate and improve skill sets in writing compelling policy documents targeted at different policy communities.

The organization plans to develop a Communications strategy targeting policy communities, ultimately providing the organization with a variety of options and tactics for communicating results with the goal of strengthening its outreach and communications capacity.

To achieve goals identified within the proejct, CRRC-Georgia has developed a plan to entail high quality interventions in order to incentivize staff to diversify and expand their skills sets within a concentrated field of activity. Some of the activities include:

  • Analyzing staff skill sets and motivations with the help of an organizational development consultant;
  • Improving specific skill sets for selected individuals through trainings and internships in fundraising, organizational development, communications and outreach, impact evaluation, and data visualization techniques;
  • Consolidating skill-sets gained through trainings by conducting an impact evaluation study using our own funding, resulting in fortified institutional capacity;
  • Bringing in mentors to address:
    • Quality assurance to make our internal peer review system of written outputs consistent, and to build a similar external peer review system;
    • Fundraising in order to help the organization improve its sustainability;
    • Communications in order to help the organization expand its impact on policy.