Survey on Voting and Political Attitudes in Georgia

National Democratic Institute / NDI

Study the electorate’s attitudes towards the electoral process and analysis of current political trends in Georgia.

CRRC-Georgia, with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), has conducted 28 waves of nationwide opinion polls and approximately 100 focus group discussions since 2008 which delved into a variety of political and policy issues in Georgia. The data collection effort has included partial panel and experimental survey designs. These are some of the only data collection efforts in Georgia which measure longitudinal public attitudes towards politics, policy preferences, voting behavior, and gender issues and are made publicly available. Since 2012, CRRC-Georgia has conducted over 30,000 interviews within the scope of this project.

Nationally representative survey; Complex (stratified and cluster) sampling.

Wave 31, Public attitudes in Georgia, December 2018
1) Country’s direction and local/national issues, environment, education and employment, media
2) Democracy, assessment of presidential election, performance of the government and parliament, corruption, party support

Wave 30, Public attitudes in Georgia, June 2018
1) Country’s direction and national issues, foreign policy, budget priorities, democracy, environment and urban planning, presidential elections and party support

Wave 29, Public attitudes in Georgia, March 2018
1) Country’s direction, national security, EU, NATO, assessment of institutions and leaders, party support and future elections, information space

Wave 28, Public attitudes in Georgia, December 2017
1) National issues, assessment of local elections, foreign policy, source of information, employment and income
2) Assessment of the Parliament, equality between men and women, current events, party support and future vote

Wave 27, Public attitudes in Georgia, June 2017
1) National and local issues, country’s direction and living conditions, performance of the government, foreign policy, current events and reforms
2) State of democracy, election process, women in politics, current events, political parties and issues, party support, Tbilisi mayor elections, sources of information

Wave 26, Public attitudes in Georgia, April 2017
1) Country’s direction and expectations, performance of institutions, current events, party support
2) State of democracy, national security, European Union, visa liberalisation with EU, NATO, Russia, military service, sources of information