Media Research in Georgia

Country: Georgia
Funder: IREX G-MEDIA program
Dates: March 2012 - June 2012
Project objective: Study public views and preferences on the media sources in specific regions of Georgia and assess the perceived impartiality of journalists and quality of media outlets. The project also aims to evaluate the impact of IREX’s G-MEDIA program activities.
Research design: 1. Baseline desk research to describe the existing situation in the sphere of media;
2. A public opinion survey in Tbilisi, parts of Kakheti, Shida Kartli, Imereti, Adjara and Samegrelo. Two-stage complex stratified and cluster sampling.
3. Six targeted focus groups in Tbilisi and the selected regions;
4. In-depth interviews with 40 media professionals;
5. A mini-survey among 40 media professionals.
Output: Report.