Knowledge of and Attitudes toward the EU in Georgia (Wave 1)

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF)

To measure existing knowledge of and attitudes towards the EU in general, and various EU institutions. The survey findings serve as the basis for formulating policies related to increasing Georgia’s cooperation and integration with the EU, and further policy-specific studies in this regard.

A nationwide representative survey was conducted, including 1,886 full interviews. Response rate was 70%, while the sample size included a total of 2,423 respondents. To draw the sample, the country was stratified into three macro-strata (capital, urban, rural), and subsequently 102 clusters were selected throughout the country. Clusters coincided with electoral districts. Households were selected by random route sampling, and the respondent within the household was selected using a Kish table. The survey has a 95 percent confidence interval, with a 5 percent margin of error.

Survey language was Georgian. The questionnaire was developed with extensive input from local and international experts, through a series of three stakeholder meetings, so as to ensure that it met the interests of all relevant constituencies.

Datasets; Georgian Public Opinion – Attitudes towards European Integration – Narrative Report.