Dairy and meat (beef) consumer preferences

Mercy Corps

Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) funded Mercy Corps Georgia implemented Alliances Caucasus Programme (ALCP), which began in Samtskhe Javakheti in 2008 and is now implementing a four-year phase (2017 -2021) focusing on regional development in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan in the livestock sector. The programme created a model for the sustainable development of small and medium enterprise (SME) dairy factories based in and equitably supplied by local communities. The ALCP continues with the aim of building a greater degree of sustainability in the SME dairy sector to safeguard and allow for the development of a market, which sustains fair business growth, supplier development, and consumer choice.

The National Cheese and Beef Consumer Research is a component of the ALCP program. Within this component, CRRC-Georgia helped ALCP to understand consumer expectations and needs, knowledge, attitudes, preferences, and behavioral patterns of cheese and meat consumption in urban areas, and analyzed what consumers focus on while choosing and buying cheese.

In June 2018, CRRC-Georgia carried out a survey representative of the adult urban population of Georgia. The survey was also representative of the population of Tbilisi. The survey had a response rate of 50%. It consisted of 1,500 completed interviews, and has an average margin of error of 2.3%.

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