Election Maps | Who Did Your Neighbors Vote For?

Our GIS Analyst, Dato Sichinava, is now loading preliminary results onto our election maps. If you want to compare regional distribution of results, you can do so very quickly through the portal. Below you see the votes for the Alliance throughout Georgia. Note that on the portal, you can grab the handle (see the arrow) and shift it back and forth.

We also have the results for the United National Movement, and the Christian Democrats. More stuff will come online soon, and we are about to make the maps bigger, so that you can play better — check it out here

We also have preliminary results for the precinct level in Tbilisi. Note that this is not yet available on the portal. But it shows a fascinating contrast of support.

Unsurprisingly, Vake is among the strongest supporters of Alasania. Parties should find this data very useful to target their campaigning in the future.
(We would like to thank the National Democratic Institute and the Swedish International Development Agency, Sida, for their support in generating this data, and making it broadly available.)