Junior Fellowship

CRRC-Georgia's Junior Fellowship Program (JFP)

The CRRC-Georgia Junior Fellowship Program (JFP), launched in 2009, is a 5-9 month program offering extensive work experience and training to selected fellows. It is a unique opportunity for social science-oriented youth looking to gain skill sets that are largely missing in Georgia, such as the ability to analyze complex issues quickly and comprehensively, proficiency in essential computer programs (including statistical programs), and the opportunity to work with extraordinarily experienced and committed colleagues and superiors. Junior Research Fellows are required to contribute to complex research projects on issues that are important to Georgia's future, write analytical policy papers, be active team members, and work hard.


Natia Mosiashvili

Natia graduated from Ilia State University in 2016 and possesses a BA degree in Sociology. Because of the broad academic and research interests, she decided to get some practical experience and specify for her future studies afterwards.

Natia’s research interests include democratic transition in newly democratized countries, public policies, education, structural inequalities and gender issues. 

Tornike Bakakuri

Tornike Bakakuri holds a BA degree in psychology and currently he is pursuing an M.Sc. degree in “Applied Social Psychology” at Tbilisi State University. He also participated in Erasmus Mundus and other exchange programs.

Prior to joining CRRC – Junior Fellowship Program, he had the experience of internships in GPI-Holding and Georgia’s Reforms Associates. His interests include social intervention programs, pre-election attitudes, educational reforms, and etc.

Tamar Gvelesiani

Tamuna is a Master's student of Applied Social Psychology at Tbilisi State University and holds a BA diploma in Psychology from the same academic institution. She was an exchange student at Vilnius University in 2015.

Prior to joining the CRRC Junior Fellowship Program, Tamuna was involved in psychological and sociological research projects, as well as in number of international education programs.

Her research interests include higher education and social issues.