Caucasus Barometer 2019 Georgia Now Available

On January 30th, 2020, CRRC Georgia released the 2019 wave of Caucasus Barometer (CB) data for Georgia. CB is the longest running, publicly available household survey which enables longitudinal and comparative analysis of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia between 2008 and 2013, and for Armenia and Georgia for 2008-2019.

The 6th Annual CRRC Conference | June 26-27, Tbilisi, Georgia

Call for proposals: The 6th Annual CRRC Conference "Coming together and growing apart: A decade of transformation in the South Caucasus"

Place and date: June 26-27, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) seek proposals for the 6th Annual CRRC Conference, and welcomes proposals for (a) thematic panels and (b) methodological seminars. For our thematic panels, we invite panel and paper proposals investigating the deep sociopolitical, cultural, and economic changes occurring in the South Caucasus through a comparative, empirical lens. We welcome quality scholarly contributions from emerging and established academics exploring the following broad themes: Conflicts, displacement, and reconciliation; Culture, values, and identity; Economic development, energy, and mobility; Politics, power, and democracy; Urban development and environmental issues; Civil society and activism.


CRRC's omnibus survey is accepting questions

CRRC Georgia is carrying out an omnibus survey in December 2019. In past rounds of the survey, researchers from the IOM and Harvard among others provided questions for the survey.

Individuals and organizations interested in adding questions to the survey are invited to get in touch about potential inclusion of questions on the survey by November 15.

From the Executive Committee of the Eurasia Partnership Foundations, the Europe Foundation and the Caucasus Research Resource Centers

Roy Southworth, our dear friend and colleague, died on July 23rd in California from cancer.

About a dozen years ago Roy volunteered to be the founding chair of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation. The organization emerged from Eurasia Foundation’s work in the South Caucasus and is dedicated to enhancing the prosperity of the citizens of those nations and deepening mutually beneficial connections within the region and beyond. To this task Roy committed his extraordinary professional capabilities and networks