Thursday | 01 August. 2013
CRRC Georgia Released Media Monitoring Report For June 16 – July 16
CRRC Georgia Released Media Monitoring Report For June 16 – July 16 CRRC Georgia publishes second report of pre election media monitoring which includes period from June 16 until July 16.  In May 2013, CRRC Georgia launched a new UNDP/EU-funded media monitoring project examining television news related to the upcoming presidential elections in fall 2013. The project will last until November 2013. CRRC is monitoring the evening main news programs of Georgia’s most watched and trusted television channels for coverage of political parties, government and presidential events, political and election processes, and for journalistic standards and ethics. The monitored channels are the Georgian Public Broadcaster’s Channel 1, Rustavi 2, Imedi, Maestro, Kavkasia, Channel 9, and Ajara TV. As the June 16 - July 16 results of election monitoring of main evening news programs show, the channels have not yet switched to the pre-election regime, but already started bringing up presidential candidates in their main evening news programs. Two main political parties, the government, the president and the prime minister still remain top five most frequently covered subjects. From June 16-July 16 TV channels covered all the main and important news on their main news programs, but there were occasions when channels showed certain bias towards the position or opposition by covering the same stories with different emphasis on the content. The report in Georgian is attached here or also available at

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