Advisory Committee

CRRC International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB)


The International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB) for CRRC consists of international academics, community experts and thought leaders with noted reputation and practical knowledge of the status and developments concerning social science in the countries of the South Caucasus. The members of the IAAB also share significant experience in promoting the advancement of social science, and share the CRRCs’ mission and values.

Selection criteria for members for CRRCs’ International Academic Advisory Board include: interest in solid research about the countries of the South Caucasus; preparedness to actively participate in offering advice on key activities of CRRC; and promotion of advancement of applied social science research in and about the region.

As a collegial advisory body to CRRC, the International Academic Advisory Board is empowered with the following functions:

  • Supporting CRRC's overall mission;
  • Assisting in the review of CRRCs’ annual program and research strategies;
  • Helping CRRC leadership attract leading experts to implement and consult on specific projects, by utilizing his/her experience, reputation and wide networks of international, academic leaders and institutions;
  • Participating and evaluating the quality and results of CRRC’s Caucasus Barometer and annual research methods regional workshop;
  • Ensuring smooth cooperation between the three Centers concerning regional activities;
  • Advising on possible donors and facilitating fundraising efforts whenever possible;
  • Promoting CRRC’s interests in each of the countries of the South Caucasus and abroad.